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Punjab Lottery Rakhi bumper

While the entire world witnesses an economic depression and the closure of industries and job losses due to the Novel Coronavirus, the lottery seems to be the only sector that remains unaffected.

In fact, it would not be an understatement to say that the sector is seeing a boom with more people trying their luck to make some quick money. This statement holds true even for those individuals who can’t hold themselves back from the temptation of playing Punjab State Rakhi Bumper Lottery in India.

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Well, if you don’t want to miss out and hold the temptation to play the lottery and are thinking that the Punjab State Rakhi Bumper Lottery seems to be a much bigger deal than most other lotteries you’re familiar with, then my friend you’re not wrong.

Here’s how you can buy Punjab State Rakhi Bumper Lottery, and why it’s important to people here in Punjab and India.

But, first, let’s discover

What is Rakhi Bumper Lottery?

Punjab Lottery Rakhi Bumper

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With festive season finally upon us, Raksha Bandhan also knows as Rakhi is simply unique and a memorable day which is beyond description in words. However, when it comes to India, the relationship becomes all more important as it is a festival dedicated to sibling love.

What if we tell you, that you have a better chance to utilize this festive season by buying Punjab State Rakhi Bumper Lottery which can give you a chance to win one of the thousands of prizes available. Also, one lucky ticket holder is guaranteed to win 1.5 Crore.


We Know

But, the most interesting fact is that the lottery ticket costs 250 rs each, with just 20,00,000 available. All you need to do is, be sure to get your tickets early from Gandhi Brothers Lottery so you don’t miss out- once they’re gone, they’re gone.

How to play Punjab State Rakhi Bumper Lottery?

A lot of you may ask, how can one play the Punjab State Rakhi Bumper Lottery?

Well, don’t worry. We have you covered!

The Punjab State Rakhi Bumper Lottery is one of the most popular lotteries held in Punjab. It is a draw with the highest number of participants. Its frame has crossed the borders and many people from the neighbouring states and the country are also participating in the extraordinary Punjab State Rakhi State Bumper Lottery draw. It is also regarded as the star lottery of season. The long desired lottery of the year 2020 has become the one in charge of giving this festive season a start in a pandemic.

To be able to play the long-desired lottery of the year, it is necessary to buy Rakhi bumper lottery ticket. The draw consists of distributing numbers ranging from 000000 to 999999 and the subsequent draws of different prizes between these numbers. Also, what makes the lottery special is that the winning amount is guaranteed.

Where can I buy the Punjab State Rakhi Bumper 2020 Lottery?

The ultimate answer is Gandhi Brothers Lottery.

One can easily, safely and legally buy Punjab State Rakhi Bumper Lottery tickets online from Gandhi Brothers Lottery! In fact, on Gandhi Brothers Lottery, online lottery ticket purchase has been made as easy and safe as possible to ensure that one can enjoy their game peacefully, from the comfort of your home! All you have to do is to buy your online lottery tickets from the site.

However, you can also purchase the lottery tickets from the Gandhi Brothers Lottery store in Ludhiana.

Can I legally buy tickets from Gandhi Brothers Lottery?

Yes, you can legally buy tickets from Gandhi Brothers Lottery as the Punjab State Rakhi Bumper Lottery runs under the state jurisdiction and hence the Indian citizen from any state can participate in Rakhi Bumper Lottery.

In fact, the Gandhi Brothers Lottery website reads: It has been brought to notice by the Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries to lunch the “Punjab State Rakhi Bumper 2020” lottery scheme to be conducted on 20.08.2020 to make this Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) special for lottery players across the country, with 1.5 Crore to be won in a big festive event.


Prize scheme of Rakhi bumper lottery 2020

The following table explains the different prize scheme of Rakhi Bumper Lottery 2020


Prize Tier Number of Prizes Winning Amount
1st prize 1 1.50 Crore
2nd prize 5 10 lakh
3rd prize 20 2.50 lakh
4th prize 20 Rs 50,000
5th prize 20 Rs 20,000
6th prize 400 Rs 5,000
7th prize 4400 Rs 1000
8th prize 100000 Rs 250


Factors to keep in mind while purchasing from Gandhi Brothers Lottery:

  1. Prize Guaranteed

At Gandhi Brothers Lottery the jackpot (1.5 Crore) is guaranteed and will be paid out on winning. As a registered with and regulated by Punjab Government authorities, we pay our players when they win and also regulate correct measure in place to guarantee this.

  1. Postal charges

The price ticket of Punjab State Rakhi Bumper Lottery is Rs 250. If you want to buy one or more tickets then the postal charges are as following:

No. Of Tickets Postal Charges
1 Ticket 90
2 Tickets 50
3 Tickets 50
4 Tickets 50
5Tickets or more Free (No Postal Charges)

Book 5 or more Tickets without any extra charges Online!

  1. Exchange offer


People can exchange their Baisakhi Bumper Lottery tickets with their new Rakhi Bumper Lottery tickets if required.


Even if the player does not win, the thrill of being part of the community is a reason good enough to buy a ticket. But before investing the money, the players must ensure the legitimacy, credibility, and reputation of the lottery company.

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